The Human Tools

The Human Toolbox is a collection of tools that we feel are essential to creating and maintaining a powerful connection to not only others, but to ourselves. However, these tools do not work in isolation. They are 100% interconnected and provide a rock-solid framework to build effective communication skills.


Creativity pushes boundaries, alters perspectives and allows you to see the world in an abstract light. It’s the tool of hope and possibility, the means for which you can remain malleable, flexible and open to the world around you.


Emotional Intelligence permits us to feel, distinguish and effectively act on our emotions. In practical terms, this means being aware that emotions can drive our behavior and impact people (positively and negatively).


Mindfulness may be a buzzword, but its power is formidable! By intentionally focusing on your thoughts, feelings and sensations, you slow down, reflect and consciously choose the story you want to weave in the moment.

Body Language

Nonverbal Communication embodies the unspoken world. Your body is sharing your state of mind, no matter how strategically you work to hide it. And it’s not just you, it’s everyone around you! From the way we cast our eyes to the hair we twirl nervously, your body wants attention. The key is knowing how to read and interpret these signs to serve you effectively.

Critical Thinking

Critical Thinking pulls you out of your preconceptions, assumptions and prejudices to see the bigger picture. It’s the tool of logic, rational, and analytical thought, not to mention, a sexy bed partner to mindfulness.


Empathy is about everyone else but you. It’s a phenomenal tool to feel, sense and see life through someone else’s lens - a kaleidoscope of perspectives to potentially transform your own decisions.


Positivity not only allows you to be an agent of change instead of a victim, but it aids you in appreciating the moment. It opens the door to the possibilities and encourages greater productivity.

Speaking Up

Verbal Communication is everything in today’s world! Your ability to choose your words purposefully and effectively - to both understand the meaning behind a message and share our own - is essential in today’s digital world. It’s not only a life skill, but a tool to transform our lives.


Cultural Awareness provides us with a profound understanding as to how our native culture has influenced our decisions and shaped our identity and world perspective. It’s also the landing point to connect to someone different from ourselves.


Listening is by far the most important tool you have in your Human Toolbox. It’s not about the sound or words. It’s the ability to understand and interpret the meaning and intention behind those communicated ideas.


Vulnerability is the willingness to accept and share the entirety of you - both the delectable and the damaged. And through opening that unique part of yourself to those around you, trust is encouraged and innovation abounds.


Trust is the glue that keeps humanity together. It’s the tool of confidence, faith, truth and acceptance through which families, business and nations are built. It’s also intimately related to our intuition or “Spidey sense.” It’s one of our most powerful tools, yet the least spoken of.