Our Approach

The Human Toolbox is a consultancy comprised of passionate people who have spent their lives dedicated to unearthing the tools, the inspiration and the community to create soulful culture, a culture that brings the very best of ourselves to life.

Our Why

We are human.

Beautifully unpredictable, passionately creative, and driven by our thoughts and emotions.

Yet everyday, we find innovative ways to limit our growth, fix our mindset and ignore our needs. We become a number. An algorithm. A means to a financial end that sideswipes the human for their net worth. Why? Because this is what we’ve been taught. This has been the party line.

We work with companies who are ready for change. Entities who are willing to make the 1,001 small shifts needed to help their people thrive.

Through consulting, collaboration, and workshops, we bring new perspectives and strategies to help shift traditional thinking, challenge the status quo, and open up new possibilities for creating organizational and systemic change.